Sunday, May 22, 2016

Today we did an event for the children we usually work with at school: OutOrdinary. 

We gathered two classes for two hours in the park where we played some games with them. Firstly, we divided them in two groups, while one played twister, the other did a multiple race, where they first needed to run in a sack, after run with a plastic spoon in their mouth with a pingpong ball on it, in the respective lines drawn on the ground, after run with one leg, then with the legs tied to each other and finally run back to the original line. As soon as the child would get there, the other would start his/her turn, running in the sack, and so on. The goal was to see which team would make it first, after all children had competed. 

Secondly, we played the handkerchief game with them, where one of us was holding the handkerchief, and the children were again divided in two teams. In each team all the children had one number, 1, 2, 3... That would be the same in both teams. We would scream their respective number, and the children who had this number had to run to try to catch the handkerchief first. 

Meanwhile, there were also present two youngsters from Integra. At first they were playing () on the floor, and after they also did the race, and even the twister at the end.

Everyone had fun, it was a different day for all of us! 

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